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We offer software that simplifies the management of an audiology clinic.

In addition to our administrative and financial features like patient registration, referral management, insurance authorization, cross-discipline scheduling, charges, reporting/analytics, and outcomes, we offer the following audiology-specific features.

Audiology Evaluations. Standard audiology evaluation forms library (i.e., hearing loss, hearing aid assessment). Contains numerous sections with the ability to customize into sets and forms.
Device and Inventory Tracking. Monitor devices like hearing aids, hearing aid accessories and batteries. Track stock, new orders, returns and repairs.
Audiology Patient Education. Print-on-demand patient handouts (i.e., home programs). Instructional and educational materials are available for customization and distribution. Ability to scan-in existing sheets or create-your-own. Ability to interface to third-party electronic formats.
Appointment Recalls. Electronically manage appointment reminders for periodic hearing exams.
Scheduling. Ability to schedule patient with Audiologist, hearing/screening booth and audioscope in one easy-to-use feature.
Patient Arrival Notification. Audiologist may receive a page on his/her beeper to be notified when a patient has checked in at the front desk. Great for time management when an audiologist is in the hearing booth.
Authorizations. Monitor authorized visits for hearing evaluation and follow-up visits.
Compliance. Support of compliance efforts with JCAHO, CARF, HIPAA and other rehabilitation professional standards. Helps ensure compliance with Medicare CCI edits and time tracking while documenting.
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