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physical therapy scheduling
therapy scheduling software

The Chart Links Scheduler -- complete with rehabilitation templates -- is built to ensure that patients are appropriately slotted to see who they need, when they need them, with the right resources, in the right place. Scheduling activities for patients and classes/groups with providers, equipment, locations and user-defined resources are supported.

Rehabilitation Scheduling. Unlike other general medical schedulers, Chart Links has designed its scheduler around the needs of medical rehabilitation facilities. Inherent in the scheduler is the ability to schedule by cross-discipline. There is also an ability to schedule the patient with multiple providers or resources in one easy-to-use feature (i.e., PTA with PT, OTA with OT, speech therapist with audiologist, or audiologist with hearing/screening booth and with audioscope).

Appointment Templates. Schedule up to seven days per week, 24 hours per day using resource templates that allow you to manage appointments for multiple locations and providers, with exceptions. Block out unavailable times or holidays. Determine user-defined visit and cancellation reasons. Schedule non-clinical appointments like office meetings. Schedule as far out into the future as desired, per provider.

Flexible Scheduling. Supports individual and group scheduling, recurring and staggered appointments, bump lists and wait lists. Ability to book, double book, cancel, re-schedule, copy/paste all on a printable, color-coded grid. Ability to find available appointments with more than one provider.

Comprehensive Viewing. Ability to view the schedule in a multitude of ways to quickly get the information you need: by provider, by multiple providers (side-by-side schedules), by user defined equipment and rooms, etc. View patient's demographics or current and past appointments.

Patient Management. Ability to schedule new patients before registration. Flexible patient search criteria includes: last name, first name, date of birth, social security number or medical record number.

Numerous Reports. Numerous reports are available to help manage the scheduling process. Choose to run reports by day, week, month, or a custom value to review appointments segmented by provider, location, no show, cancellation reason, wait list, bump list, type of visit, etc.

physical therapy scheduling software
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