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Established in 1994 in collaboration with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Yale New Haven Hospital, Chart Links develops, markets and supports outpatient medical rehabilitation software.

What makes Chart Links different is its people and their depth of knowledge of medical rehabilitation. The company was founded by Ron Miller, a medical doctor from Yale. Dr. Miller treated rehabilitation patients for over thirteen years. Understanding the strain that clinical documentation and managed care placed on a provider's ability to spend more time with patients and their families, Dr. Miller collaborated with a former rehab department managers, therapists and other industry experts to apply technology to workflows in outpatient rehabilitation.

The result is a comprehensive suite of products – aimed squarely at outpatient medical rehabilitation programs -- that manage patient treatment, provider reimbursement and enterprise productivity. Chart Links software streamlines all of the daily tasks associated with a patient's physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, or audiology visit.

Chart Links has built out a team that is able to listen to the voice of the customer and craft software to meet its needs. The Software automates workflows for referring, admitting, scheduling, charting, charging and reporting outcomes - all with quality of care, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and facility profitability in mind.

The Company is based in South Bend, Indiana and serves outpatient rehabilitation facilities across the United States.
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