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From budgets and staffing to management meetings and marketing plans – the work of a Director of Rehabilitation is never done. While information technology is only one piece of the puzzle for you – it's a critical one.
With the right rehabilitation software at the heart of your program:
your team's productivity will increase
you will have access to analytics tools that will provide greater visibility into your data
you will have better information to help build your program and expand your business
For your staff, Chart Links automates the workflow around registration, referrals, scheduling, insurance authorizations, and charges.

For your providers, Chart Links offers comprehensive electronic documentation for progress notes, plans of care, and evaluations.
For you, Chart Links provides tools to help
ensure compliance
improve your program's efficiency
reduce lost revenue
generate more revenue
If your facility is operating manually right now, take a look at diving into a software solution designed for rehabilitation management. If you are currently using a system that's not getting the job done, contact us so that we can show you how to get the results you want.
Looking to drive more revenue at your facility?
Check into our web-based reimbursement tools that work right alongside your current practice management or billing system.  Or, click here to read about four areas that Directors of Rehabilitation can automate to drive outpatient rehabilitation revenue. Finally, market your practice with a custom therapy web design that will attract and retain referral sources.
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Karen E. Deeter
Director of Operations
Columbus Speech & Hearing Center

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