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Payers Getting the Best of Your Bottom Line?
Get what's coming to you -- your money!

Reimbursement PRO™ is the leading web-based service that provides reports and tools to help billing managers better control and simplify the reimbursement process for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and audiology clinics.  The service helps therapy billers to

identify, work and virtually eliminate denials
submit secondary billing
easily find and manage paper EOBs
Reimbursement PRO works with ANY therapy practice management or billing system on the market.  There is no software or servers to buy.  From any PC with an internet browser, you just login and take complete control of post-adjudication claims.

What do I get with Reimbursement PRO?
Simply put, Reimbursement PRO will reduce your denials and underpayments, improve your operational efficiencies and increase the cash flow of your therapy practice.  With the service, you will get:
Management Reports. Identify negative denial trends and fix the problems.
Work Flow Tools. Work and track denials by organizing and prioritzing billing workflow, tracking and working denials, and managing patient-specific EOBs on demand.
Benchmarking. Compare your performance against your peers and maximize leverage with payers.
Contract Manager. Identify and automate receipt of underpayment and manage payer contracts.

How do I get started?
Ready to see why more than 8500 providers count on Reimbursement PRO to streamline the reimburesement process to recover more money faster?  Then call us at 888.369.0707 or contact us to schedule a 15-minute demonstration.

Want more information about driving revenue?
Click here to read about four areas that Directors of Rehabilitation can automate to drive outpatient rehabilitation revenue. Market your practice with a custom therapy web design that will attract and retain referral sources.

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