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The day begins and ends with a simple appointment. But, in outpatient rehabilitation facilities, the appointment scheduling process is not always so simple, is it?

You know what it takes -- scheduling across multiple locations for multiple days with multiple providers often in multiple disciplines. You need not only to book, but to double book and triple book when things get a little hectic – not to mention staggering, recurring, canceling, and re-booking missed appointments.

From bump lists to wait lists – you see it all. Let's face it, rehabilitation scheduling is complex.

At Chart Links, we understand rehabilitation scheduling. We've been there, we've done it, and we've built a tool that can manage it. Our robust scheduler – complete with rehabilitation templates -- is built especially for multi-taskers like you who specialize in ensuring that patients are appropriately slated to see who they need, when they need them, with the right resources, in the right place.

We'd love the opportunity to meet you online for a short demo of our scheduler. Just provide us with some information and we'll call to "schedule an appointment" with you!
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