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As a result of using Chart Links, rehabilitation organizations have
Increased reimbursement through better documentation
Decreased administrative costs through process automation
Raised the number of patient encounters per provider through enhanced efficiencies
Improved organizational management through access to new management information tools
Columbus Speech & Hearing Center
Carle Therapy Services
Spartanburg Regional Rehabilitation Services
Southeast Missouri Hospital Healthpoint Rehab
Margaret Mary Community Hospital Rehabilitation Center
Boone Hospital Center
Carle Therapy Services
Columbus Speech & Hearing Center
Magee Riverfront
North Oaks Health System
Boone Hospital Center
"Over the course of the last year our Hospital Based Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Department has incorporated the Chart Links Scheduler and Documentation System into our processes. As a department that schedules across a variety of disciplines, including medical staff, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and audiology this tool has been invaluable as a resource to track appointments, cancellation rates, reimbursement, insurance authorizations and improve overall scheduling efficiency.

The documentation tools utilized for all rehabilitation service providers, has vastly improved communication not only between providers, but also to upstream and downstream customers. As a manager, this system allows better understanding of what is and what is not occurring within the clinic, improving communication and awareness. The system also allows managers to monitor and perform operations from any location with a PC rather than having to contact a variety of individuals or travel to multiple locations.

One of the great things about Chart Links is that the product is built and designed around all of the rehab disciplines. Too often systems are physician or nursing based and therapy is an afterthought. In contrast, the Chart Links system and staff are intuitive to the unique demands of running a therapy practice.

The staff members at Chart Links are extremely attentive and address any concerns as they arise, providing excellent customer service and assurance of a quality product. The customer service from the Chart Links team sets it apart from other software vendors and continues to exceed expectations."

Lea Brandt, OTD, OTR/L
Manager, OT, Speech and Audiology
Boone Hospital Center

Tracy Evers, PT
Manager, Physical Therapy
Boone Hospital Center
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Carle Therapy Services
"As a physical therapist supervising a large outpatient therapy department with multiple disciplines in multiple locations, I certainly understand the importance of good customer service; and, I recognize that with every interaction that I have. Chart Links is a company based on excellence in customer service. No matter whom I speak with, they are always friendly, courteous, and willing to help; and rest assured that if they do not know the answer they will quickly find someone who does. Our onsite visits from our project manager, Barbara Malmberg, have always proven to be extremely productive and cost-effective. Many successful ideas have come from our interactions with our project manager, such as new reports to help manage no show percentages, productivity measures and functional outcomes studies. The leadership at Chart Links not only helps facilitate our growth and fiscal responsibility, but has sparked great ideas for management tools within our organization.

Since implementing Chart Links nearly a year ago, we have gained real-time access to patient volumes and billing totals, immediate notification of invalid accounts, and reporting measures to manage our payer mix and referral sources. Chart Links has assisted with helping our clinicians take ownership of their charging practices and scheduling responsibilities. Our list of write-offs has decreased due to better clinical awareness of charges and the built in CCI edit functionality.

The staff at Chart Links has been the driving force in keeping us on schedule with our departmental targets. We owe a great deal of thanks to them for giving us a tool to manage our departmental goals, while giving the clinical staff a wonderful documentation system that allows them to spend more time with the patient and less time handwriting their notes. Carle Therapy Services looks forward to continued work with Chart Links in the future as we are always looking for better ways to improve efficiencies and increase volume. We truly view Chart Links as a major resource for the improvement of our department and we couldn't be happier with the results we have seen thus far."

Stephanie Dotson, PT
Carle Therapy Services
Bloomington, IL
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Columbus Speech & Hearing Center
"Chart Links has changed the way we do business! Our Speech and Hearing Center was searching for a clinical scheduling software seven years ago when we were invited to see an innovative software being used not only for scheduling, but for clinical documentation, charging, and reporting, as well. Once I saw this product, I knew it was just what we needed.

It's really hard to say what we like best about using Chart Links. It has allowed us to increase the quality and efficiency of our operations in so many ways since we began using the program in early 2000.

Overall access to client information has improved dramatically. Information specific to each of our practice disciplines (Audiology, Speech, and OT) is combined in one electronic treatment record which is maintained in real time. Information that once needed to be obtained from a client's paper file, which first had to be requested and retrieved from the main file area, is now readily available to staff in different departments and locations whenever it is needed.

Some of the other benefits we've realized are:
The integrated scheduling component allows for client information to be entered into the system one time; thereafter, the appropriate information is automatically and consistently included on any/all documents which are generated.
Clinicians' calendars are updated in real-time as appointments are scheduled and clients are checked in.
The automatic generation of a Progress Note/Charge at the time of client check-in eliminates the need for tracking charge/billing documents and clinical charting is no longer overlooked as the Progress Note/Charge remains in a list of incomplete documents until the therapist enters notes and electronically signs off.
Automated report writing has reduced the time required to complete a clinical report and provide the information to clients as well as other interested parties such as physicians and schools. This has led to improved quality and consistency in clinical reporting and has also allowed for the elimination of a word processing position.
With treatment records in an electronic format, the Center was able to reduce the number of staff responsible for maintaining and retrieving paper files.
Management of our practices has been made easier with the ability to monitor schedules/productivity, timeline of documentation completion, treatment notes, referral sources, etc.
I have truly enjoyed working with the staff at Chart Links. They are committed to the continuous improvement of both their product and their operations. They are responsive to our needs and have made many product enhancements based on their customers' input. We have never regretted the decision we made to invest in the Chart Links system."

Karen E. Deeter
Director of Operations
Columbus Speech & Hearing Center
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Magee Rehabilitation
"Our outpatient clinic has been using Chart Links for over 4 years for scheduling, charting, and billing. I have been very happy with many features of the system. The scheduling portion is easy to use and allows us to easily look at all of our therapists availability at a quick glance. The color coded grid allows me to easily spot at the end of the day where high cancellation times are and ensure that all patients have been checked in. When patients call to check on a schedule or other health care providers call with questions about a patient, I can quickly look up the entire schedule past and present including the treating therapist, so questions can be directed to the proper person.

As a manager, I utilize several features and reports. I can ensure that every patient session has been billed or see which therapists are behind on billing and charting. I utilize the reports section to track patient cancellation reasons and frequency. As a result of that tracking and implementation of a new policy, our cancellation rate was cut in half. We are also able to better track the number of authorized visits a patient has and therapist compliance with remaining within those visits has also improved.

The conversion to the Chart Links system has allowed us be more efficient, ensures that we do not miss any patient charges, and helps us track multiple areas of therapist compliance. "

Carol Owens
Rehab Supervisor
Magee Riverfront, Philadelphia, PA

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North Oaks Health System

"Chart Links isn't just another software purchase. You get a genuine and dedicated team of professionals with healthcare and computer expertise wrapped around a cutting edge product designed to meet the needs of today's Rehabilitation documentation. Other products are the design of programmers with input from healthcare professionals. Chart Links has originated and grown to what it is today under the direction of healthcare providers with the assistance of programmers. And that makes all the difference in the world."

Scott Gaydos, PT
North Oaks Health System
Rehabilitation Services

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