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Medical rehabilitation is influenced by how quickly and effectively your evaluations, goals, plans of care, and progress notes are documented and communicated to patients and referring physicians. Your facility's revenue -- on the other hand -- is influenced by payers and audits.

Who would've guessed that, after years of clinical education so that you could take care of patients, you'd be faced with an ever-changing continuing education on standards and regulations so that your facility can stay in business?!

Fact: You get paid for what you document. That's what makes comprehensive documentation so critical to any provider. With a good electronic documentation tool in place – designed specifically to meet the needs of your rehab discipline -- you can better capture daily progress notes and charges, and ensure compliance.

At Chart Links, we tap into therapists and caregivers – just like you – to build software that works and thinks the way you do. From arranging evaluation sections to building out care plans, from working on CCI Edits or Medicare Time Tracking, Chart Links provides an electronic medical record that becomes immediately accessible by the right people at the right time so that you can provide a higher quality of care.

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