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Staff members at a busy rehab facility are the backbone of the organization's day-to-day operations. The tasks are endless: register patients, schedule appointments and classes, obtain insurance authorizations, manage referrals, protect patient information, maintain patient charts, the list goes on and on.

Your job would be far easier if therapists had tools to create and complete progress notes, evaluations and plans of care electronically – making them immediately accessible. You'd be happier if everyone got on board with an efficient and effective workflow management system – one that fits the way you get things done in a rehab center, with the ability to

virtually eliminate data entry into multiple systems
manage and track insurance expirations
easily and readily locate patient documentation
complete letters and forms online
fax online to insurance companies and referring physicians
Chart Links offers that solution. Our software links you to an electronic patient chart that contains documentation completed by therapists from all disciplines. We automate scheduling, referrals, authorization, documentation and charges. And then, we provide analytics and reporting tools that help you demonstrate your value and contribution to the organization.

Contact or call us today (877-701-9191) to learn more. We'll arm you with the right information to take to your management team so that you can begin to explore all that Chart Links has to offer.
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