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Chart Links enables therapists to spend more time with their patients by streamlining documentation and other administrative activities related to patient care.

Convenient tracking of documentation throughout the patient management process is automated. Administrators may therefore track and review performance indicators, such as

turnaround time
therapist productivity
overdue documentation
physician approvals

Evaluations. A standard, discipline-specific evaluation forms library contains numerous sections with the ability to customize into sets and forms.

Flow Sheets. Provide electronic management of clinical data entry and review of patient progress over time. Flow sheets can accommodate multi-disciplinary documentation requirements and may be linked to progress notes.

Plans of Care. Plan of care reports, auto-generated from the evaluation, include recommendations, plans and goals for the patient. They are monitored to notify the staff of incomplete or overdue plans of care as well as physician approvals. Plan of care reports may be electronically signed and faxed from the desktop.

Progress Notes. Daily progress notes are automatically created upon check-in to link documentation to billing and help eliminate lost charges. Patient progress is tracked and monitored from scheduling and check-in through evaluation, progress report and discharge.

Patient Education. Print-on-demand patient handouts (i.e., home programs, exercises), including instructional and educational materials, are available for customization and distribution. Ability to scan-in existing sheets or create-your-own. Ability to interface to third-party electronic formats.

Patient Arrival Notification. Providers may receive a page on his/her beeper to be notified when a patient has checked in at the front desk.

Therapist Productivity Management. Tracks therapist productivity by units, service analysis, billed time, total time spent, and other criteria.

Clinical Messaging and Correspondence. Transmits authorized patient-specific information in a secure electronic format. Provides customizable letters, forms and reports that streamline communications related to patient treatment and reimbursement.

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