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Patient no-shows and cancellations can become a big issue for private practice or outpatient rehabilitation facilities.╩ If there is an appointment slot that doesn't yield a patient visit, revenue is lost. ╩Are you measuring your patient appointment attendance rates?

Although there are factors like case mix, payer mix and others that can affect it, an average cancellation and no-show rate for outpatient adults is around 15% daily. ╩If a facility is proactively managing their schedule, focusing on increased patient attendance rates, it may bring that average down to about 8%. ╩By cutting that absence rate nearly in╩half, revenue may be re-gained.

Remind patients about scheduled appointments...
Remind your patients about appointments or other important information using AutoRemind¬. AutoRemind is a messaging system that is launched from within the Chart Links Rehabilitation Software Scheduler. Messages are sent to patients via text messages, voice calls and emails.
Reduce no-show appointments to drive revenue
Reduce manual labor costs for patient outreach
Improve patient outcomes
Improve patient communications and satisfaction
Increase response rates to patient marketing messages
Send messages to patients via text message (SMS), voice and email
Send reminders at times that the patient says is best for them to receive it
Send multiple reminders over a period of time
Support multiple languages (i.e., English and Spanish)
Use templates to send standard messages, or, individualize custom or personal communications
Allow patients to confirm receipt of appointment reminders
Block message delivery for particular time periods (i.e., 8pm-7am)
Use tools that allow you to target certain patient populations
Rest easy knowing that AutoRemind is both mobile carrier and HIPAA compliant
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